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Title 1

What is Title 1 ?

What is Title 1?   

Title 1, provides financial assistance to state and local education agencies to meet the needs of at-risk children. They help ensure that all children have the opportunity to get a quality education, resulting in their attainment of high academic standards. Title 1 targets resources to districts and schools whose needs are the greatest. The program is the largest federal program supporting both elementary and secondary education, and allocates its resources based upon the poverty rates of students enrolled in schools and districts. Essentially,Title 1 focuses on: (1) promoting school wide reform in high-poverty schools and (2) ensuring students' access to scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content.

Ways in which our District uses Title 1 dollars include:

  • Providing additional instructional staff

  • Professional development

  • Extended-time programs (such as before/after school programs, summer school)

  • Support for scientifically-based programs and strategies

Even though the amount of the Title 1 funds a school and district may receive is based on poverty rates, the children that benefit from the program(s) are not, necessarily, just students of poverty. Rather, Title 1 programs work to address the needs of a school's lowest performing students and those students found to be at most risk for not meeting state academic standards.

No Child Left Behind brings greater accountability to Title 1 states, districts, and schools for improving the academic achievement of all students and turning around low-performing schools.These and other changes to the Title 1 program will require all stake holders in school communities to work together to help close achievement gaps and ensure that all students
in Colorado can meet the state's high academic standards by 2013-2014.

How many schools have Title 1?  

Title 1 programs in WPS offers special features at nine elementary schools including F.M. Day, Fairview, Harris Park, Hodgkins, Mesa, Metz, Sherrelwood, Skyline, Sunset Ridge, Tennyson Knolls, Westminster Academy for International Studies and at the Early Childhood Center. Some of those features include more teachers and assistants; more training for school staff; extra time for instruction; a variety of teaching methods and materials; smaller classes during literacy and/or math; greater parent involvement and many others.

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